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Voyage LA Interview w/ JD Nielsen of Print Renegades

If you’re looking for information about how to use our logo, or a press kit about our company, this is where you will find it…all things press. Events, sponsorships and write-ups are constantly getting updated onto this page as they get released, but this is what we have now about our company: all for the media savvy!

The PR Difference

Print Renegades is an artist-run shop with full service in apparel decoration and creative projects. Our competitive pricing and unique skill sets in delivering high quality artistry is why our artists/clients love working with us. We value customer intimacy and care about every single project that enters into our doors. Come experience the PR difference.

Since 2008, Print Renegades has been committed to providing unparalleled screen-printing services to hundreds of clients throughout Los Angeles. Locally owned and operated, our decision-makers are on-site and available, allowing us to offer our clients flexibility that large corporations cannot match.

We attribute our continuing success to the caliber of the Print Renegades team that is consistently diligent and hard working. This is because each person at Print Renegades has continued involvement with music and the arts, and we care for each project as if it were our own. We don’t just print your job like other screen-printing drones; we manually press each piece to the highest quality standards. We believe in quality over quantity, people before profit, and respect over fame.

Quality over Quantity
People over Profit
Respect over Fame

Print Renegades was created out of the ashes of 7Lightningbolt, a local couture handmade clothing brand based out of Los Angeles. Joe Wall, Kenny Valera and JD Nielsen founded this non-traditional brand which focused on deconstructing vintage pieces and creating new ones thru a variety of cut and sew, screen printing, spray painting and appliqué.

As the brand grew, the owners began to invest in their own equipment, to limit outsourcing as much as possible and to bring everything in house, to really bring out the values of the brand as much as possible.

Once the owners parted ways in 2008, and all the buyouts were completed, one of them was left with all the equipment. JD, having been involved with the music industry for years and having a lot of colleagues in local LA bands, started to get asked to help these bands with their band merch.

Helping them was a given, as he was given the example by the Elmer Ave guys who trained him to give freely to all those in need. This he did, and after the month was over of helping out bands, he realized that he made more in that month alone than he did the entire last YEAR of working full time for 7Lightningbolt.

After this, the decision to start a screen printing company was kind of decided for him. Since then, JD has been able to use his hard work ethic, high quality standards, technical knowledge of screen printing and ability to work with customers to build Print Renegades to what it is today.

Artist-Clients Communication-Quality-Service

-“Print Renegades were FAST, precise, upfront, and professional. Their Printing was TOP KNOTCH. They helped me get the T-Shirt material I was looking for and made sure I was happy with the mock ups before printing.”-Omar P.

-“I have nothing but awesome things to say about JD and Print Renegades! I came to them with a fairly big, high-volume job that I needed done in under 10 days. Within 48 hours JD had given me all the necessary guidance to format my photoshop files for him to print, sent me my proofs and invoices, and
started the job, which was finished in record speed…” –Avalon N.

-“*****Highly recommended***** Very efficient and easy to work with! Ask for J.D., he took great care of us. He works super fast and was easy to work with. Above and beyond the phenomenal service, I really like that this company stands for great things.” –Skyler N.

-“Print Renegades is awesome, affordable, and punctual! They got my shirts, pins and buttons to me when I was in a major time crunch, and didn’t make me feel stressed at all! JD is a pleasure…” –Elmo L.

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