Plain White Steez Multicolor Printing!

We recently printed for a really dope Los Angeles brand called Plain White Steez. Most of these prints are printed with soft waterbased ink, which make the prints vibrant yet feel like its still part of the garment. One of them was printed digitally with our Brother GT-361 digital garment printer. With digital printing, we can print up to 256 Million Billion Zillion colors. Pretty unlimited. All tees are printed on American Apparel goods, Made in LA!

Drop The Beatz Neon Crop Tops

Drop the Beatz is an Electronic Dance Music site dedicated to bringing you the best news, newest music, and EDM music reviews that are out there. Matt, who runs the site, is a great guy and has been ordering these crop tops from us for the last few years. Good to see that the crop top business is good! He uses solely American Apparel Neon Crop Tops, and we print these simple one color prints using supersoft Nazdar Waterbased Inks. We love return clients, cause that means that our high quailty printing and apparel that we use was recognized by all the people that bought them, and word of mouth travels fast about that!          

Risk Vs Reward Winter 2013

For the release of their Winter line for Risk Vs Reward Clothing, they had a bunch of new designs they were releasing at this years Unique LA craft fair in Downtown LA and really need to find the right printer to really nail each and every design. The owner, Dean, is very particular about the sizing of each image, the inks used, the colors of each design and making sure that every single element is paid attention to and no corners are cut.Enter Print Renegades. Not only did we nail each of the designs, but we did it in record time, spending a few 18 hour days completing the designs so that they could ALL be ready for the start of the show on Saturday. Although it was rigorous and very difficult to work such long hours, the gratification that each of the designs brought as we completed them began to be the

Hollywood Vibe Dance Merch

The dance crew over at Hollywood Vibe are some of the hottest and most talented dancers and choreographers that this city has ever seen. We were approached to help them with merch for a new tour that they are embarking on. We were printing not only Tshirts, but also sweat pants, kids tops, girls shorts and hats.The artwork that they gave us was somewhat complicated multicolored printing. We printed these with soft inks for the best feel possible while they were getting their routines on. Thx to Chris at DIY Shirts for making this happen!