Risk Vs Reward Winter 2013

For the release of their Winter line for Risk Vs Reward Clothing, they had a bunch of new designs they were releasing at this years Unique LA craft fair in Downtown LA and really need to find the right printer to really nail each and every design. The owner, Dean, is very particular about the sizing of each image, the inks used, the colors of each design and making sure that every single element is paid attention to and no corners are cut.Enter Print Renegades. Not only did we nail each of the designs, but we did it in record time, spending a few 18 hour days completing the designs so that they could ALL be ready for the start of the show on Saturday. Although it was rigorous and very difficult to work such long hours, the gratification that each of the designs brought as we completed them began to be the

Risk Vs Reward Clothing

The guys over at Risk Vs Reward Clothing are doing some great things. Not only do they draw all their inspiration from the dark existence of the music and art worlds, but they hand print, dye and destroy every piece of clothing that they make. That means helping these guys print their goods is a screen printers dream, not being bound by the condition of perfection that most jobs require, we can have fun and make each piece unique, since it just accentuates the style that they are going for.These guys have one unique product! Keep it up fellas.