J.Bones Hand Printed Literature Mailers

Shipping mailers are an essential way of making your brand or business look bigger than it actually is, while still staying on top of the branding game. As we have done for others in the past, shipping mailers printed with a personal brand logo on them is always a way to stand apart from the rest. This is something in the past that has been thought of as costing a lot of money to get done, AND with a very high minimum order. The way that we print all panels in a single print, we are able to do lower quantities for people AND keep the cost way down for each order.Most recently we printed some literature mailers for J. Bones Clothing and they turned out amazingly. These 18x6x4 kraft mailers are printed on every panel of the box, with a single color print using solvent-free waterbased inks.

DamnSon! Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Most times, smaller apparel brands think that its much to expensive to have their own customized boxes printed up..."This is something that Nordstrom or Nike does, but not my small brand" they think. They are rashly mistaken.The guys over at DamnSon! have a really great thing going. Based out of Salt Lake City, they run their music and art website promoting new acts with their keenly amiable phrase "Do What You Love". Print Renegades has been doing their apparel for a year or so now, and they really wanted to seem more professional in their presentation of sold merchandise that got shipped out to their clients. Enter custom shipping boxes.These boxes were printed using a soft waterbased ink. Although the boxes are slightly large in size, the reason why its not very costly is because we are able to flat print them as a single color print, making it simple and easy for