“Yeezus for President” Art Prints

Yeezus For President in 2020!!! This is a throwback to some prints we did roughly a year ago. We were able to work with Donda Productions, and we actually did TWO versions of this print (one as a THREE color with GLOW in the dark ink, shown below, and one as a TWO color with Metallic Gold instead of White). They turned our very radical, and were printed as a very limited edition of 100. We were happy, and we still see them selling online for mucho dinero! :)

Custom Made Sewn Business Cards

At Print Renegades, we strive for uniqueness and individuality. Because we are an artist run print shop, we stand out from other print shops because of how we approach jobs, our outlook on what the purpose of screen printing is, and how we take on every single job as if it was our very own.For this, we love to be able to show people how we are unique, and how it is down to our core to be different. For this, we dont short cut making our promotional materials, but we spend time and inject love into each and every business card that we make. Because we love to recycle, we take old printed Tshirts that were not using any longer and cut them up, then sew them onto the backs of our hand printed business cards, adding a flavor like no other. We dare you to have us give you a business

Pizzanista + Emerica + Andrew Renyolds Pizza Boxes

We were approached by the owner of the downtown LA pizza shop, Salmon Agah, to do some custom printing on some limited edition pizza boxes for an Andrew Reynolds Emerica shoe release party. Since our outlook at Print Renegades is to take on any/all jobs, regardless of how out there or crazy they are, we love to take projects head on that most other print shops would say NO to. These were tedious but turned out amazing! Printed with super fine waterbased Permaset inks on pizza boxes. I wonder if the FDA cares we were printing on boxes for food handling! :)