The End of Another Year…

Hey Guys!We know we know, it’s been a WHOLE YEAR, literally, since we’ve gotten a new post up on our blog but we’re looking to change that for 2017. Print Renegades has been growing and growing and we are SO busy (especially for the holidays) that posting on the blog has not been the priority that it should be. Now that we have a full time marketing and social media guy to assist in this, we will definitely be more up and out of our shells to bring you guys the new and improved Renegades!!Since last December, we have expanded our team to include some new faces to keep production in our shop running like a well-oiled machine and to make sure we stay active on social media and the web. We’ve got a new kick-ass DTG printer, the Epson F2000, that we’ve definitely been putting through its paces these last 12 months

Topanga Film Festival Live Screen Printing

Urs and Carey from Topanga Film Fest asked us to come out for our 2nd year in a row to help them with really bringing a different local handmade feel to the opening and closing nights of the film festival. We brought our rig, our people and really made a great night of it.In live screen printing, the client is able to choose the medium in which we print. (if they want to print Tshirts, bags, totes, towels, anything really) but these guys advertised the opening night gala as "Bring your own shirt printing", and everyone just brought us their own threads for us to put some imagery onto. It ended up to be very unique and special...and we were the hit of the party (as always)!

Live Screen Printing = Hit of the Party!

As screen printers, we have been at MANY live events. And I have yet to be at an event where we AREN'T the hit of the party. Everyone loves the idea of live screen printing, especially when it accents a certain element of a party or event. If its helping to promote a film or music release, if its at an art gallery printing recognizable imagery, or just at a bar/club printing random artwork, people love it. It puts the people in charge of creating a custom piece for themselves, and lets them see the beauty of creating a printed garment in front of their own eyes.Because screen printing has the ability of being mobile, small and portable, we are able to hit up a wide variety of events to make it even THAT much  better!! Email us with any live screen printing requests that you may have!