Margin Imprint Moon Calendar

We have been printing the moon phase calendar for MARGINS IMPRINT since 2009. And every year he has started ordering more and more each year. It has come to a point where we started sampling the 2014 orders back in June and have printed over 15,000 posters for them just this year alone.These calendars are printed with high opacity waterbased inks, and there are 2 versions: the full coverage colored ones, and minimal coverage on black paper. The full coverage posters cover over 95% of the entire poster, and are very difficult to print correctly, but we here at Print Renegades have mastered this art. We do full color matching, set up and printing of thousands of moon calendars for Margins and look forward to another 5+ years of more with them!

Risk Vs Reward Clothing

The guys over at Risk Vs Reward Clothing are doing some great things. Not only do they draw all their inspiration from the dark existence of the music and art worlds, but they hand print, dye and destroy every piece of clothing that they make. That means helping these guys print their goods is a screen printers dream, not being bound by the condition of perfection that most jobs require, we can have fun and make each piece unique, since it just accentuates the style that they are going for.These guys have one unique product! Keep it up fellas.