Beyond 5 Tour Merch

Our friends at Beyond 5 are really stepping up their game. Driven by the roots of groups like "One Direction", these guys are just as talented as they inspiring. When they play live, their syncopated stylings are similar to how sports teams play together, being able to act as one unit but still sounding amazing as young kids do these days.They recently embarked on a tour around Asia, just in time to get back to a sold out show in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We had the chance to print a few hundred shirts of different colors, sizes and decorations. All the garments used were 50/50 blend tees.Each print was a 2 color print of their logo, some of which were just standard prints and some that were foiled. Soft waterbased inks were required, but the blend tees made it impossible to discharge. Also, since they wanted only a part

MySpace Custom Halloween Masks

This last Halloween, we were asked by the people at MySpace Music to help with with a very customize project: Custom Printed and Cut Halloween Masks for one of their artists, Mellowhigh. Mellowhigh is a hip hop group composed of members of Odd Future, and they needed custom made masks for their record release party at the Henry Fonda Theater. What better people to take on such a task as Print Renegades??Firstly we hand printed these masks using high quality waterbased Permaset inks on very durable 140# coverstock French Paper. The artwork was a little perspective askew, so was difficult to print, .From there we made our own custom die (as you can see, its a little homemade) and hand punched out every one of these masks. From there, hot glue held on the elastic backing (staples are cheap and dangerous), and after making a few hundred of these, they turned out pretty