DamnSon! Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Most times, smaller apparel brands think that its much to expensive to have their own customized boxes printed up..."This is something that Nordstrom or Nike does, but not my small brand" they think. They are rashly mistaken.The guys over at DamnSon! have a really great thing going. Based out of Salt Lake City, they run their music and art website promoting new acts with their keenly amiable phrase "Do What You Love". Print Renegades has been doing their apparel for a year or so now, and they really wanted to seem more professional in their presentation of sold merchandise that got shipped out to their clients. Enter custom shipping boxes.These boxes were printed using a soft waterbased ink. Although the boxes are slightly large in size, the reason why its not very costly is because we are able to flat print them as a single color print, making it simple and easy for

Caine’s Arcade Fulfillment + Shipping

We, here at Print Renegades, are problem solvers. After working with many bands and brands, we realized that shipping and fulfillment was something that our customers were having a problem with handling themselves. Thats when we stepped in.Caine's Arcade has been out for a few years now, and we have handled all of their shipping and fulfillment since they started...probably over 15,000 packages.Fulfillment is easy: We charge for a pick and pack fee, plus the cost for shipping of the item. Definitely worth it if there are lots of products going out every week and you dont want to deal with it. Plus, its not that expensive for us to just handle it, and we can ship out every single day AND email every customer with a tracking number along with being customer support for lost packages.

Apparel Finishing Services make ANY product better!

At Print Renegades, we do WAY more than just regular printing. In our quest to create the perfect print shop, we realized that many clients were taking their goods to a different company to have many different things done, and that not only took a lot longer and cost more to do, but also was a massive headache for the customer as well. We have since developed our finishing services, which are a are a great way for us to take that headache away from our clients by keeping all elements of what a clothing brand needs here with US. Finishing your goods makes them retail ready and elevates your brands value. Brands like Risk Vs Reward and Arivul Co have trusted us to be their solution for printing, finishing, packaging and shipping of their goods. Really great brands, and even better with all finishing done in house!