Print Renegades has created a collaborative art, screenprinting, and event space for Los Angeles creatives and entrepreneurs that will give them access to professional equipment and services. We aim to encourage weekend warriors to take the next step in moving their creative businesses out of their garages or back rooms and into a less restrictive workspace. Our goal is also to provide a unique multi-purpose space that will allow for those who have interest in learning more about screen printing to participate in clinics, classes and events. We hope to provide a space that screen printing professionals can also use to spread awareness of products and services in a clean and professional space that is safe for everyone.



      • Six-Color, Four-Station Manual Printing Press (2)
      • Four-Color Single-Station Manual Printing Press (2)
      • RileyCure Jr Conveyor Dryer
      • Vastex Infrared Conveyor Dryer
      • Full Darkroom
      • Exposure unit
      • Multi-Station Washout Booth
      • Infinity Wall Photography Space


Tier 1 Membership

$75 per month

Equipment Rental at Hourly Rates

Tier 2 Membership

$600 per month

40 hours of on-press time or 20 hours of photography space included. Discounted hourly rates on equipment rental after initial time is utilized.

Tier 3 Membership

$1000 per month

80 hours of on-press time or 40 hours of photography space included. Discounted hourly rates on equipment rental after initial time is utilized.

Upcoming Events

CoLab by Print Renegades is also available for special events including or focused around live screenprinting. Where normally incorporating live screen printing at an event would be limited by space, power availability, and location, CoLab offers enough space to host your event and include customized favors, merchandise or workshops. 

For inquiries, please email

CoLab Open House

July 31st, 2021 12 pm – 3 pm

Come see everything we’ve spent months building out just for you! We’ve built out a beautiful space as an alternative for anyone currently screen printing out of their garage or backroom to help encourage you to take the next step (or even the first step) in your screen printing business or if you’re starting your own brand.

If you’re a photographer, come see our custom-built infinity wall. This 30′ cyclorama wall is ideal for product or fashion photography since the seamless background makes it so fewer edits need to be done in post or you can superimpose any background you like.

Enjoy some cold beverages and snacks while we demo some of the screenprinting equipment and you can go home with a free CoLab t-shirt or tote bag.

Hope to see you there!


Screen Printing Basics

July 24th, 2021 11 am – 1 pm

This screen printing course will go over the entire screen printing process from start to finish.

Dive into the creative side of your brain and swim away with a set of skills you will be able to use forever. Come alone or bring your friends along while we go over the entire screenprinting process.

We will help build on your existing skills by going over professional methods and best practices in a large, professional, and clean environment. 

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced printer, we will help you with:

  • Art Prep
  • Positive Transparency Films
  • Exposing Screens on a professional exposure unit in a Dark Room environment
  • Mixing Inks
  • Prepping Screens
  • Registering Mulitple Colors
  • Printing on T-shirts and Tote Bags
  • Reclaiming Used Screens
  • and MORE!


Current Floorplan

Our current setup includes two four-station, six-color screenprinting presses each with their own belt dryer, flash dryer, and folding table space. 

The center pod is currently equipped with a single-station, four color press with a flash dryer than can be used to cure smaller jobs. This press will soon be replaced with another four-station, six-color press and it’s own belt dryer to match the other two. 

The infinity wall in the back corner is ready to use with your own studio lights. We will be adding a lighting grid in the near future that will offer more versatility. 

Both washout booths are currently operational with their own water bibs and pressure washers. 

The darkroom will soon allow for coating, drying and burning your own screens. 

There are lockers, screen storage spaces as well as communal equipment for your convenience as allowable.

Additional resources will be provided as needed or requested.