Find Answers to your Queries

(questions that you might be asking yourself during the order process)

What is your order process?

Placing an order is simple: check our prices by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button at the top of this page, and if you like what you see, fill out the ‘Full Quote Form’ on our site. This site has been customized to ask you all the questions that are needed in order to give you a very accurate price for your job. Within 24 working hours, we will send you a quote for your job and with any questions that we may have. Once the quote is received and there are no questions, it’s up to you to send us all print-ready artwork (check our file prep page for assistance) and a 50% deposit for your job. Once this is received, we will send you a detailed art mockup for approval within 24 working hrs. Once we receive approval that everything looks good, your job will start and the turnaround time begins.

Art prep?

Although getting artwork print ready seems like an intimidating thing, it can actually be pretty simple if you follow our file prep help page. Although we are amazing and professional printers, we CAN’T make your artwork better than it is on the computer screen. (Meaning that low-res, pixelated artwork will usually look like a low-res, pixelated image once it is printed). Aside from the resolution, your artwork should be sized and scaled to the exact specifications you want it to be printed (we have created templates to assist you with this). Were also here to help you answer any questions you have about artwork at any time!

Turnaround times?

We understand that getting a shirt on Sunday for a Saturday event is, well, worthless. For this, we have developed a very specific process of getting through jobs quickly and efficiently. Obviously, we know that the more difficult and complex your job is, the more time it’s going to take to be completed. But from our experience and research, 7-10 business days (for Screen Printed goods) and 5-7 business days (for DTG prints) is enough time for us to finish any project that is presented to us. (We are often able to beat the deadline by a few days). Although we like to base our turnaround times off of a ‘worst case scenario’ situation, we are very rarely late and take pride in the speed of our shop!


We are often able to print as little as ONE piece. Our Direct to Garment (DTG) Printer has given us the flexibility to print single sample pieces with a quality that can sometimes surpass that of a screen print. Screen Prints, however, require a minimum order of 10 pieces for 1-2 colors and 25 or more pieces for 3+ colors.

What’s a screen fee?

In screen-printing, a screen fee is what most shops charge you to get your job prepped and broken down. This includes printing a film of your design, coating and burning a silkscreen as well as post-printing break down, clean up and reclaiming of that screen. All of these processes take time, and use materials that cost the printer money. This is something that is a very important and time consuming element of screen printing, making the ones who can do this cheap and quick able to charge less for the total cost of printing.

Why don’t you charge any separate screen fees?

For years, we operated in a way that was overly complex with all sorts of different fees for all kinds of different things, and we realized that it’s much easier to just give you an all-in-one price. We have developed a complex pricing structure grid on our end that we use for all jobs, keeping us competitive with our pricing but allowing us to be able to give you a single price for your job without the headache of interpreting lots of variables of hourly sorting fees, set up fees, ink upgrade fees, art prep fees, shirt folding fees, or paying for our electricity. We keep the price simple to keep your life simple!

Do I get to keep the screens?

In most cases, we reuse our screens over and over and the all-inclusive price that you are paying for your goods does NOT include keeping the actual screen frames themselves. The good thing is that because we use screens so often, and because we are constantly buying brand new frames to replace used frames, we do have used frames that we could sell you after your job is printed for only $10-$15 more. This must be brought to our attention BEFORE you place your order for your job, so we can burn your image on a screen that is used (but still in good condition) so you can take that home with you when you pick up your goods.

Digital (DTG) Printing vs. Screen Printing?

As described previously, screen-printing is based off a “Per Color” basis, each color requiring a different set up and registration process. Digital printing is done with a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, printing full color graphics directly on the shirt (no set up fees, no mixing, no minimums). The cost of this ink is more pricey than standard screen printing, but because it’s full color and there are no minimum orders, it becomes something good to keep in mind when determining the best way to produce photographic or full-color designs you are wanting to get printed.

Shipping or pickup?

We do it all. We are able to ship with our larger carriers (FedEx and UPS) in ANY speed that you require (ground, 2 day, overnight), messenger you goods within a few hours if you are local, or you are more than welcome to come pick them up during business hours at our studio when your job is finished. We want to it to be as painless and as easy for you as possible.

What are Pantone colors?

The Pantone Color Institute has made an industry standard color choosing and mixing system for print. We have color books in our shop for you to pick a specific spot colors for your designs if necessary. Most times we can color match your artwork within one or two shades of the closest Pantone color to ensure you get the colors you are looking for. Unless a specific Pantone color is presented along with your artwork, we will be matching it to the nearest shade using a computer matching system.

Should I order extras?

Due to variations in the construction of garments, not all blanks are created equal. Sometimes blanks are a slightly different shade, or because they were sewn together by an actual human, they may have slight flaws and/or inconsistencies. (This doesn’t happen often because of the very high QC standards that the blank apparel companies adhere to). When this does happen, we usually decide to scrap it. This is called an under run. Under Runs also happen when damages happen during the printing process. We sometimes have under runs of up to 5% of the total job. (note: you are never charged for shirts that you don’t receive). But, this sucks if you are trying to meet an exact number of perfectly completed pieces. So, if you have an exact number that you need, order a few extra to make sure that there are no under runs.

Can I mix and match Tshirt types and sizes?

Absolutely! As long as the design itself stays the same size, you are welcome to print on a variety of garment styles and still pay the cost per print that corresponds for the price break on the total number of prints. For example, if you are printing the same exact image on 25 short sleeves, 25 long sleeves, 25 tank tops and 25 hoodies you will pay the 100 piece pricing. (Note: if the ink color ever changes during the production run, a small color change fee will apply).

What about shirt and ink colors?

Yes, if you want to experiment with different shirt colors, this is also possible. It’s up to you to make sure that the ink color(s) that we will be printing on your garments will look good on the apparel colors that you choose, but printing the same color and design on different colors of garments will cost nothing additional. When changing colors of ink, a small color change fee will apply.

Will you match the price of my current t-shirt printer?

The short answer is no. So many variables go into calculating the price that it costs to print that it is almost impossible to match another shop’s pricing. That doesn’t necessarily mean we charge more or less, but we may have to consider different variables altogether. Other printers might be able to give you a lower price by using lower quality materials. You may also find that turnaround times and customer service play a much larger factor than printing costs as well. Another shop may have rock bottom pricing but take 3-4 weeks to turn your job around and offer zero communication during the process only to deliver a sub-standard product in the end. With that said, we will ALWAYS be interested in having the chance to bid on a job of any size or difficulty.

Can you get creative with things?

Absolutely! We love being asked this question. “I just can’t decide what color to print” or “I want to experiment with a few different things but can’t really make up my mind”. Let us go at it. We call this the ‘all in’ printing method. You meet us, trust that we are fairly like minded creative individuals, and you want us to take a few of your shirts and go to town with them. Although we are required to say that we are not held responsible for what happens to these garments, chances are that these will be your favorite of the bunch. We have a lot of cool decoration toys and will usually put them to work if you want us to!