Gangi Vinyl Record Printing

Our friends with the band Gangi asked us to help them with yet another specialized project they had in mind. Since here at Print Renegades, we specialize in taking on random and unique projects, we were all in with helping them out with anything they had in mind.

They are releasing their new album and they are only making Vinyl records with this VERY limited edition release. Thing is that they only had enough songs for 3 sides of a double-record release, so they told the vinyl record manufacturer to keep the 4th side of one of the records completely blank (free of grooves).

From there, they asked us if we would be willing to screen print their logo onto the blank side of the record so that could ask as the front cover of the record. We were happy to help them out. We had to cut a larger opening into each of the cardboard sleeves, and then it was as simple as burning a high mesh screen, and then printing onto each of the 250 vinyl records.

For this, we used a very specialized Nazdar 9700 Series Ink that is specifically made for printing on plastic and vinyl. Although this ink dries with air, it is very volatile and is one of the only inks that we use that is somewhat toxic. Still, we make sure to take all precautions to protect ourselves and the systems around us.

The records turned out amazing, and the Gangi boys were very happy with their final product. It definitely correlated with the look and feel that they were going for with this release. You can purchase one of these vinyl records HERE.