After what has been an insanely busy couple of months, we’ve gotten a small breather. We’ve finally reached a point where our job board is not overflowing with work orders onto the table next to it. We might actually have some time to work on a few projects we’ve been trying to complete!

If you follow our Instagram, you may have seen we have a new coffee bar set up for our customers. We bought a very cool automatic espresso machine that makes some very fancy drinks along with all the accouterments that one might possibly need to make the coffee of their dreams. So come on by to check it out, even if all you want is coffee. We’ll be happy to fire it up for you!

Along with our fancy espresso machine, we’ve gotten some other new toys that we’ll be happy to show you once they’ve been set up and installed.

For now, we’re still busy using our old toys on a regular basis. Our automatic flatstock press has been getting a regular work out with some large poster prints. We printed these 5 color 18 x 24 posters for the new House of Blues in Anaheim and were stoked with the outcome.

It was a difficult job to set up due to how closely the colors needed to match up (registration) since each color needs to be printed separately. Each poster is lined up individually on the press as each color is printed (see images below) so it is difficult to line up over 100 prints perfectly every time.

Even though it was challenging, we were able to produce some quality prints that we were happy to hand over to the client and they were happy to showcase. We’re always willing to take on a challenging project to push ourselves to be better.