Hand Printed Postcard Wedding Invites

There are those who are OK with what is traditional. Sometimes a basic wedding is OK for people. Basic dress. Basic ceremony. Basic cake. Basic reception. Basic wedding invitations. For others, basic is far from what they envision for their special day. They go out on a limb, reach for the non-traditional, and sometimes really outshine others.

We had the opportunity to print some amazing wedding invites for the later. They had a great vision, one that went against the grain, was inventive, was forward thinking, yet served multiple purposes at once. Wedding invite, postcard style, scored and perforated, then folded making the final product 6″ x 4″. But, its like an according, when unfolded reveals 4 sections on each side, each with a different element of the wedding that needs to be communicated to the attendees.  Then the last page, perforated and tearable, is the RSVP card to mail back to them. All in one.

When exploring our options for this card, one of the limitations for us was printing super fine text with metallic ink. Most metallic inks have metallic pieces actually inside the ink, requiring them to be burned on lower mesh screens so the metal pieces can pass thru the holes of the screen. Lower mesh screens make it impossible to burn and keep fine detail in artwork. This was a concern, but we solved it.

We printed black French paper, custom cut at 17″ x 6″. 80 hand printed, limited edition pieces. We custom mixed the Permaset inks to the colors requested (White, Metallic Gold, Mint) and went to town on these. Once printed, we scored and perforated them, then folded for delivery. We were happy with the final product, and so were they! This is what happens when you think outside the box.