Hardcore Til I Die Booty Shorts

Our friends over at Rave Ready have some awesome things going: rave clothing for the EDM at heart. They have a great niche market and do really well for what they do. From a printers perspective, they are always trying new and crazy things, really wanting to push the boundaries and putting us printers to the test by pushing the limits of our knowledge at all times.

This last job they wanted to print Booty Shorts…not too crazy of a job but definitely not as simple as a Tshirt print. We helped them layout their artwork so that we split the design they had into 2 separate parts so that none of the artwork went over top of the middle seam (since we all know that would just lead to inconsistencies in the print). We also made sure to get a 100% cotton short so that we could use a Pro Discharge White ink, making it easy to print over such a non-flat surface.

The discharge ink bleaches out the dyes in the existing garment, leaving the natural garment color and making the print very smooth with a little to no hand feel. Because the discharge is a waterbased ink, it also is very smooth with printing over uneven surfaces, over seams/zippers but still keeping the print smooth without ink getting all gunked up.

The shorts turned out pretty rad, and best of all, they were stoked and sold out quickly. (must have been the Coachella crowd who bought them out).