Ray LaMontange Hand Printed Tour Posters

Hand Screen Printed posters are amazing. One of our favorite things in the shop is having the chance to print amazingly well designed tour posters. The difference between cheap full color offset printed posters and hand screen printed posters is obvious: one is cheaply made, bland and something that is machine made; and the other is beautifully crafted, hand made, ink that you can feel, and something that is as beautiful as it is unique. As screen printers, the ability to print flat stock is extremely more difficult than something like apparel…so for an artist-run shop like ours, we prefer printing things like posters because of the high caliber of experience it takes and the artistic value of the final product.

We had the ability to work with artist and illustrator James R. Eads to print some posters for Ray LaMontagne and his live show at the Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. These posters were 5 colors and printed on French 110# coverstock, sized at 13″ x 26″. The pantone colors were selected by the artist, and we were able to do a run of about 200 of these. The posters turned out amazingly and we stand behind the idea that the print is ONLY as good as the artist: if you get a great artist and have the ability to print their artwork, the print will always look good due to the great illustration.