Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)


Direct to Garment or “DTG” printing is exactly like what it sounds like; it’s pretty much like printing documents on your inkjet printer, only the printer is much larger and instead of paper you’re printing on fabric.

Where screen printing requires a prepared mesh screen for each color and is therefor limited to a select number of colors; DTG images are made by a large-format inkjet printer with specially formulated inks that can take nearly any image file and print directly onto the garment or item. DTG printing requires much less setup that screen printing and provides faithful reproduction of full color graphics with a color range in the millions.

When deciding on a method of printing: DTG or Screen Printing: consider the type of image you are printing, the amount of colors in the image and the fabric content of the item you are printing. DTG inks will reproduce the best on 100% cotton garments as the ink adheres best to natural fibers. The less cotton there is in the garment, the less ink will be able to adhere and will affect the quality of the image. 


DTG is right for you if:

  • Your garments are 100% cotton or high cotton blends
  • Your graphic is a photograph or multi-color image with gradients 
  • Your print on white garments should have a “soft to the touch” feel
  • You are in need of a faster turnaround time than screen printing will allow
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