Although we are not a finishing house, we do have the ability to offer several finishing services depending on the size of your order.

Those services include but are not necessarily limited to:

Screen Printed Inside Size Tags

This is our most common and easily executed finishing service. We can screen print inside size tags in place of the original tear-away neck tags for most tees assuming they have tear-away tags. Some blank apparel has more permanent type neck tags that can be cut away if requested but some remnants of that tags will remain. Unfortunately we are not currently equipped to unsew and re-sew neck taping to remove existing neck tags. Pricing will depend on quantity.

Screen Printed Inside Size Tag
Printed Size Label
Cut Tag from a Comfort Colors Tee
A Neck Tag That Has Been Cut Out

Sewn Neck Tags

If you already have woven or printed neck tags that you would like us to sew into your garments, we can do so without deconstructing the garment and sewing over where the original neck tag was. Pricing and availability will depend on quantities and stitches per garment tag.

Sewn Tag with two stitches
Sewn Tag with Two Stitches

Hang Tags

If you have hang tags you need installed, we can install those with standard plastic barbs or with whatever materials that you provide. These are usually installed under the sleeve but can be installed elsewhere if you like. Pricing will depend on quantities and level of difficulty.

Installed Hang Tags


If you require your garments to be individually folded and polybagged we can do so and place a size sticker on each for easy identification of sizing. If you want to provide your own label we would be happy to use those instead. Pricing will depend on quantities and bag sizes required for oversized garments if necessary.

Polybagged T-Shirts
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