Letterpress Printing in LA

Letterpress printing is one the oldest forms of printing known to man. It involves laborious work on seemingly ancient machinery and a whole lot of patience on the printer’s part. So why do we do it in such a digital age? Because it’s awesome.

Letterpress Printing is an Artform

The lines are sharp, the colors are vibrant and it’s the only form of printing that leaves an actual impression in the paper, making you want to touch it and run your fingers over the markings. Are there faster and easier forms of printing out there? Sure are. Does that mean they’re better? Not necessarily.  Letterpress printing brings character to a simple piece of paper, which is something that you just won’t get with more modern printing styles.

At Print Renegades, we utilize our “The Steward” 1921 Self-Inking Tabletop Letterpress Printer to bring that old school wow-factor to our clients. Have a special project or design in mind and want to see if we can make it both visual and tactile with letterpress printing? Give us a call at 213-536-5233 or stop into our shop during the week. We’re locally-owned and operated right here in LA and we’re excited to see how we can help you with your printing needs!

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