Stencil Cutting

Our Graphtec plotter is essentially a computerized X-acto blade. We can convert certain images to vector shapes that are then cut out of thin sheets of cardstock. These sheets are ideal for stencils that will be used once or twice but may start to break down after a few uses. Stencils also require your graphic to have “bridges” to prevent parts of the stencil from falling away completely after they’re cut. Our plotter is not equipped to cut thicker materials such as plastic or acrylic which may be better suitable for a reusable stencil. In most cases, we can screen print directly onto whatever flat surface you are trying to decorate if a stencil is not ideal.

Stencil Process
Illustration of Stencil Bridges


Adhesive Vinyl

In some cases where screen printing is not possible, an adhesive vinyl transfer may be the solution. The adhesive vinyl is cut in the same fashion we would cut a stencil or heat-transfer material and then placed on the location you want decorated. This works great on glass or similarly smooth surfaces and is semi-permanent. In some cases, the vinyl may also be used as a single-use stencil mask for painting.

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