Street Art Promotion at its finest…

At times, going down the traditional road of marketing is the best option. Google and Facebook have some of the worlds largest reaches to the most amount of people, and setting up a marketing campaigns with them usually create a lot of buzz about your brand or company.

At other times, hitting the streets with your own personal rugged campaign brings a completely different style of buzz to your brand or company. This is usually done best with true street artists who can help you maneuver the streets at night safely and most effectively.

Print Renegades sometimes hits the streets with art, creating a wider array of visual artistic pleasure when driving through the city. This is always done with other experienced artistic individuals, and is always done only on property that we own or get permission to specifically use.

Step 1: Making the posters – since we have a print shop ourselves, we dont have to go the traditional route of going to Kinkos to have things printed. We just print them ourselves.

STEP 2: Making the wheatpaste – this step an be found on multiple sites online, or if you want to just buy the premixed stuff at Home Depot, look for “wallpaper paste”, which is usually the best. (mix about 1 parts water to 1 parts paste to make it more watery, best for street use).

STEP 3: Putting them up in the streets – For most, this would be the most difficult part, as this is not completely legal. Since we only put up on our own building OR others that we know who give us permission, this is not that difficult of a thing at all! 🙂