The End of Another Year…

Hey Guys!

We know we know, it’s been a WHOLE YEAR, literally, since we’ve gotten a new post up on our blog but we’re looking to change that for 2017. Print Renegades has been growing and growing and we are SO busy (especially for the holidays) that posting on the blog has not been the priority that it should be. Now that we have a full time marketing and social media guy to assist in this, we will definitely be more up and out of our shells to bring you guys the new and improved Renegades!!
Since last December, we have expanded our team to include some new faces to keep production in our shop running like a well-oiled machine and to make sure we stay active on social media and the web. We’ve got a new kick-ass DTG printer, the Epson F2000, that we’ve definitely been putting through its paces these last 12 months and have got it running almost non-stop with our ever-growing job board for Direct-To-Garment print jobs.

Along with DTG business, screen print jobs have not slowed down a tick and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to work outside of our comfort zone from printing oversized flatstock to printing on materials we’ve never printed on before. Our aim is to always say YES! And as you might hear from our customers, we usually do!

Keep your eyes on this blog for a deeper dive into what we’ve been up to and what’s going on at Print Renegades in the future. We have a lot of new equipment were purchasing at the end of this year (tax breaks!!!) and another 1-2 employees we are currently trying to hire to be able to stay ahead of our job schedules, and were super excited to bring all of these new occurences to light coming in 2017. (its weird to write…wow!). Also, keep checking us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more behind the scenes stuff! (we post on those more than once a year, we promise!) 🙂