Tritonal Coroplast Custom Sign Printing

Complete Control Management hit us up for a very specialized project for one of their DJ artists Tritonal, Corrugated plastic (Coroplast) printing with a twist. Normally when we print on Coroplast, its fairly straight forward. (square shaped signs, simple one color prints, usually ends up hanging in the window or on the front lawn of a business.). These signs were unique. Specially printed, customized shape, different colors, and a very tight registration process to get them properly lined up before cutting.
This job prob took us half a day just to think about how to print and register them properly. (mainly because we had to print them before cutting mainly because of the full bleed of the signs. BUT if we printed the front and backs off registration, when cut out they wouldn’t line up).

Printing was done with a highly specialized Epoxy based Nazdar ink, made for plastics. Once printed, we cut a stencil out of wood of the final triangle design, to use as the template to cut out the full run of 100 pieces. This was done very delicately (given that this plastic cuts like butter), but were cut out from the outside AND inside pieces, leaving a doughnut-shaped triangle sign.

We are pretty happy how these signs turned out, at the quality that the final product was. Now lets just hope that no one gets their eye poked out at a show by the corner of one of those things as it gets flung across the crowd! 🙂