We Love a Good Challenge – Part I

We count ourselves lucky for having had the opportunity to work on some seriously fun, unique and challenging projects that are beyond t-shirts. We like to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can screen print on and get ourselves thinking outside the box. Screen printing is such a versatile medium with inks that work on lots of different surfaces – by the way, we use only vegan and eco-friendly inks which has lots of good going not just for the environment but for us, too. It’s free of harmful chemicals and with no traces of resin or plastic commonly found in traditional inks some screen printers still use to this day.

Here are some of our most challenging and unique projects to date:


Client: Pizzanista
Project: Pizza Box

Client: Stamina
Project: Energy Powder
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Client: Damnson
Project: Custom Shipping Boxes
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Client: Weinstein Company
Project: The H8ful Eight Popcorn Packaging
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Client: Hubble Studio
Project: Clipboards

Client: MySpace
Project: Diecut Face Masks
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Do you have a project so off the wall other printers have told you “no”? Well, give us a shot.
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