World Dodgeball Society Team Tshirts

Dodgeball. We all know its a movie with Ben Stiller, but a real sport that is actually played by young people on a weekly basis? With a crowd? And Sponsors? And tournaments? Yep, in Los Angeles, the World Dodgeball Society is run by, and they are a group of hardcore dodgeballers. Its serious, and they dont mess around when throwing that ball at each others faces. (pretty amazing to watch).

So, there are many divisions and teams, but we were able to print some team shirts for 3 of the team divisions (Los Feliz, Hollywood team, West Hollywood team) and when a team orders 150 shirts PER team, you know they aren’t kidding around.

They originally requested standard fashion fit cotton tees, but we were able to let them in on the 50/50 blend secret, and were actually able to upgrade their shirts to the nicer blend tees for no additional charge (since they ordered so many). Now, these tshirt styles are somewhat newer to the market, and are made up of a polyester/cotton blend that is able to breathe better, wick sweat away better, dry your garment faster, and overall is a softer, thinner and better shirts for any and all things athletic. I know they were stoked to be able to get these shirts for the league instead of the 100% cotton ones.